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Ansprechpartner und Experten in weiteren Ländern Europas

Experts in other countries of Europe

Hier finden Sie Ansprechpartner in weiteren Ländern Europas:

  unionjack Here you will find the e-mail addresses of experts for large Branchiopoda that you may contact in case you have questions or observed such animals in Europe outside of Germany.

Experts in Europe in alphabetical order (this list is not complete, and will be continued)

Austria: Tobias Schernhammer       E-Mail: Tobias.Schernhammer (at) univie.ac.at

Czech Republic: Antonín Reiter           E-Mail: reiter (at) muzeumznojmo.cz

Denmark: Jørgen Olesen           E-Mail: jolesen(at) snm.ku.dk

France: Nicolas Rabet            E-Mail: rabet (at) mnhn.fr

Germany: Mario Engelmann      E-Mail: mario.engelmann (at) med.ovgu.de Uwe Manzke               E-Mail: laubfrosch-hannover (at) gmx.de

Norway: Markus Lindholm       E-Mail: markus.lindholm (at) niva.no

Romania: László Demeter         E-Mail: demeter.bio.eco (at) gmail.com