Header-Bild ist Eubranchipus grubii © U. Manzke
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Herzlich Willkommen beim Internetauftritt der „Branchiopoden-Freunde” Deutschlands!

Hier finden Sie Informationen zu den bei uns einheimischen Großbranchiopoden („Urzeitkrebse”). Sie sollen Ihnen helfen, die von Ihnen beobachteten Tiere zu bestimmen. Zudem wollen wir dieses Portal nutzen, um uns mit Ihnen über Beobachtungen und Funde auszutauschen.


Triops cancriformis © M. Engelmann

Triops cancriformis am Rande seines natürlichen Lebensraumes in der Nähe von Berlin. In den temporären Gewässern kommt auch Branchipus schaefferi vor.

Triops cancriformis © M. Engelmann

Title page of the first illustrated description of a large Notostraca species (today: Triops cancriformis) in 1732 by the teacher Johann Leonhard Frisch in Berlin. He obtained the described and pictured animal from Jacob Theodor Klein, at that time the city secretary of the city of Danzig (today Gdańsk, Poland). The description was published in a voluminous edition named "Beschreibung von allerley Insecten Teutschlands" ("Description of various insects from Germany").


Welcome to our website!

We are a group of enthusiasts who share the common interest for large Branchiopoda crustaceans. Animals of this taxonomic group are known as tadpole shrimps, clam shrimps and fairy shrimps. Here we offer information about these animals, including descriptions of their morphological appearance, their preferred habitats and occurrence on the territory of the present Federal Republic of Germany. We also provide short articles about some historical features linked to the discovery and description of large Branchiopoda. Finally, we aim to stimulate our readers to share with us their observations of large Branchiopoda (Observations / Funde).

This website focusses on the species found in Germany and is primarily dedicated to a German speaking audience. Therefore, we presently do not plan translating the website into English. Nevertheless, if you are interested in these creatures, but do not speak German, please don't hesitate to contact us (Experts / Ansprechpartner).